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Global Data Server
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Application Categories

Generally, any application which displays or uses real-time data can benefit from GDS. There is no overhead for the required or requested data transmitted. This is a prerequisite to using GDS for mobile IP device applications. Distributed real-time applications can now be built with much less effort.

Any IP device can be configured in such way that it publishes data in a data cell. Other applications can access, aggregate and display this data.

Command and Control Applications
  • Process Industry (OPC)
  • Facility Management (LON)
  • Dynamic GIS Mapping
  • Fleet Management
  • M2M
  • Car
  • Personalized Sales Force Support, MIS Dashboard
  • Real Time Data Pool for Non-Programmer Calculations
  • Patient Information (medical)
  • Messaging Channels
  • Logistics (RFID)
  • Sharing and Exchanging Real Time Information
  • Financial Information
  • Weather
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • Providing Changing Content
  • Location Based Service (e.g. parking, hotel room availability and rates)
  • Real Time Marketing (Sales, special events, important announcements, etc.)
  • Gaming, Messaging, Sharing Info
  • Blogging
  • Tracking of Persons, Cars or Boats
  • Transportation Schedules, e.g. Estimated Time of Arrival ETA or Estimated Time of Departure ETD
  • News
  • Market Information
  • Real Time Account Information
  • Weather
  • Auction Bid/Sell Prices