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Global Data Server
Personal View Builder
GDS Overview

GDS enables data publishing at the speed of light and with unparalleled ease. Data of any type, such as text, number, voice, photo, film and others, are exchanged  like a mailbox with timestamps. A uniform URL interface makes data on the GDS available (read/write) from any device which supports the IP protocol.
Anyone can build Full Graphic Viewer applications in seconds that can be used from a desktop or a Java-compatible mobile phone.

  • A link can be copied into a spreadsheet and always contains the most current value
  • A link can be shared with authorized personnel or partners to track all the latest updates
  • A link or a view application containing the most up-to-date data values can be sent to others via SMS or e-mail
Datacells from multiple GDS sources can be combined into a single viewing application.
Applications based on frequently modified data can be constructed within a few hours .