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Global Data Server
Personal View Builder
Quick Start

Following the instructions below, you can create a simple, personalized view in just a few minutes that displays data cells from various sources. The view places this data on a graphic item, created using another tool.
  • Start Personal View Builder.
  • Enter "guest" for Username and "guest" for Password
  • Go to “Display/Properties”. Select your phone model or enter the screen data manually.
  • Insert an image object using the “Image” button. Go to “My Images” and select an image that begins with “Personal”. Enlarge the image to the full size of the view.
  • Insert Live Text objects using the “Live Text” button. Select the following ADI variables and drag the objects to the appropriate places in the view:
    • ~/Examples/Simulation/Storage/Screw/4772
    • ~/Examples/Finance/Euro in $
    • ~/Examples/Simulation/grandma/systolic
    • ~/Examples/Simulation/grandma/diastolic
    • ~/Examples/Simulation/grandma/pulse
  • Insert a ticker object using the “Ticker” button. Select the ADI variable “~/MyData/Meeting Point”. Drag the object to the appropriate area in the view.
  • Choose "GoLive!->Run" (or F9) to start the preview mode. The view will be displayed, animated with the current data values from GDS.
  • Go to “View->Save As…” and enter a filename for the view.
  • To watch this view you will need the viewer.